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Flies Like You

You enter hearts unannounced, uninvited.

When I try to get you out you fly into the glass.

You never break it.

You push yourself against it, breathing, fogging.

I can’t even shew you out.

Do you want to leave?

Do you want to stay?

I won’t let this happen again.

I’ll keep you out.

I’ll swat you.

Doesn’t matter, you’ll get in again.

If not you

then another one like you will.

What They Say

You know what they say?

When someone says your name

and you’re not around

they’re thinking of you.


I’ve been writing about you

for way too long.

You’ve been saying my name

way too much.

Please, move on.

Maybe soon

I’ll be able

to follow my own advice.

Poetic Thoughts

I have read poems that I don’t understand

I know they mean something to someone

That in itself is poetic, in a way

Though, possibly they didn’t mean anything

And were only words placed together to confuse me

Not solely me

But possibly

Rest Day

Neighbors play the music loud

They don’t bother me

It is Sunday, a warm day, vehicles pass freely

Music blares down the street

Can’t recognize the song

All I hear is bass

Loud, converging, then cars are gone

I can’t sleep currently

I’ll have to wait a while

No complaining

When night comes

I’ll get some good sleep

Understanding is the Same

We don’t speak the same language,

but we still connect.

Consider what we share.

I think I think the right amount

about this beautiful thing

of common ground,

on similar subjects

we both experience

in different countries.

Don’t we understand each other?

Shouldn’t we?

When Through Reading

The writer

wants to be read

by people

who also read.

The writer


wants to



to read.

This is the goal.

Get more people

into reading.

Get more reading

into people.

Get into people reading.

Get into reading people.

When you’re through reading

you’ve met many people.

The Young and Old Writer

Young writer on thoughts

Old writer on notes

Neither seeing the light

Both wonder of the self, both scribbling into the night.

Questions and answers for future minds.

Forsake slumber for this,

this forever journey

into the self.


Looking for celebrities to follow

until they say something wrong,

until they say something long


Apologizes don’t help the offended.


levees and bridges,

then what?

Syndicated binges

to distract until next time.

See you next week,

same channel,

same place,

same couch,

same face.