Work Eat Sleep Repeat

Time can be an enemy

Food is a friend

Only if you remember to eat

Take care of yourself

To truly enjoy meals

You take your time

But that takes time away from work

And work tires you

So you must sleep

You can’t sleep too long

It’ll throw off the schedule

You either wake up and eat

Or wake up and work

Too much time wasted on one

Takes time away from the other

Those who care say

“Are you eating enough?”

“You’re working too hard.”

“Get some sleep.”

Work, eat, sleep, repeat

You can’t even cheat

Without feeling guilt

And why feel guilty

For wanting more

Of what you need

Just to get by?

Another day

Another relay

To work, eat, sleep, repeat

Weather’s Want

Thank you for using me like an umbrella

It was cold

It was wet

But I was wanted

Being wanted is important

Weather makes cold

Weather makes wet

It doesn’t make want

Let’s find what we want

And dance in the cold, and the wet

And the wanted nights of rain love

Internal Struggle

I can’t completely open myself

Not the heart surely

My head says so

It controls the heart, or tries to

My head says trusting will hurt

Like it has before

These two fight

They keep me from you

They turn trust into a wedge

Something not easily said