50 Barn Poems – Zac Smith – Review

NOTE: Originally written in warmer weather.

It’s been a warm day. Sun’s setting. I’m sitting here typing, drinking a bottle of water, listening to “Am I a Good Man” by Them Two (1967). Man, it’s warm.

In front of me is 50 Barn Poems by Zac Smith. I finished it today. Tone wise I didn’t know what to expect before diving in. I didn’t expect humor. On the first read I didn’t much like it either. I stopped a little over half way in and waited until the next day to read the rest. Then I read it again.

“it begins and ends with a barn.”

During the initial reading I laughed once, at the end. On the second read I laughed more than once. I dare not read a third time, I’m afraid doing so would turn me into a barn.

Among the humor is a bit of the surreal, a wee bit of horror, and a bit of vulgarity throughout. In the collection is anything from a supposed troll to the insightful, a certain type of post that would be spread on boards, a copy-pasta feel.

The songs off now, for the second time, two spins for two reads. 50 Barn Poems is a quick read, one that showcases the author’s sense of humor, sense of grace, sense of style. If you like poems of the sort, I recommend it to you. It grew on me weirdly. It may grow on you too. It may have you thinking like Zac, of the in, around, below and above spaces of a barn, the infinite ways one could put pieces together to form the whole of the structure.

50 Barn Poems is available for purchase now.

Love for the Cat

She loved her cat so much that she forgot him.

If he were feline life would be divine.

Though he would make her suffer for neglect,

then watch her try to make it up to him.

He always hated the cat.

The cat had it so well, still does.

The cat had something real with her,

something he wanted,

unconditional love.

Sleep on This, That?

Can’t sleep?

Roaming thoughts?

A bedside notebook is a bad idea.

You’ll be writing all night.

You’ll be like me.

I wrote this one at night,

at morning (?)

I dare not check the time.

A tired mind produces dreamlike thoughts.

You should get some sleep instead.


What can you trust? Who?

You can only trust your eyes.


You can only trust your ears.


You can only trust your parents.


You can only trust your mind.


You can only trust your soul.


You can only trust your heart.


You can only trust your lover.


What can you trust? Who?