26 Stories

Ashley attracts ambulances.

Britney bullied Beth’s brother.

Carl’s creepy cat causes chaos.

Diana dramatically divorces Daniel.

Eric embarrasses educated editor.

Fred follows Fiona.

Greg gobbles giant grapes.

Hannah helps Henry hurt Helen.

Irene indirectly influences idiots.

Jane justifies juvenile jokes.

Kevin keeps Korean knives.

Lacy licks Laura’s lollipop.

Miranda makes men melt.

Nadia notices Nancy’s novel.

Ollie obsesses over orange outfits.

Paul pathetically punishes people.

Quint quietly questions Queen’s quotation.

Richie recognizes raw rabbit.

Stacy seduces Samantha’s spouse.

Traci’s talented teacher teases teenagers.

Ulysses uncovers ugly underworld.

Valerie verbally victimizes visitors.

Warren watches Whitney weep.

Xavier x-rays xenophobes.

Yuri’s yard yodeled yesterday

Zachary’s zebra zooms zoo zone.


Bits of the Past

Everything unneeded kept:

Notes, letters, receipts

Bits of paper from the past

He tore up one today

That was to be his last.

He felt relief

After ripping a body

Of paper into bits

He didn’t read what was there.

That was only the past.