Possible Alienation

It is possible to alienate those you care about,

friends, family, even yourself.

How is it possible to be in the same house

and yet so far from the people you love?

Very possible,” said the lonely.

The Cat Watches

The cat lays

to watch the humans argue.

When hungry

the cat will interrupt,

making one human fetch the food.

The argument will resume

but the cat won’t mind.

Signs of Self-Improvement

Self-improvement: an internal thing that reflects out.

Other people will see the difference.

You will feel it but your eyes will tell half the story.

The mirror shows through your smile how you feel about yourself.

For once the smile won’t fade,

only unless you wish it so.

Work Overtakes

Let me inject a meal quickly,

so that I may return to my work.

Let me simulate sleep swiftly,

so that I may return to my work.

Let me virtually visit family ferociously,

so that that I may return to my work.

Let my work live on forever,

so that I may rest in peaceful sanity.