one or many children

Instead of one they had many troubles.

Instead of one they had many fights.

Instead of one they had many teachers.

Instead of one they had many fears.

Instead of one they had many games.

Instead of one they had many names.

Instead of one they had many meetings.

Instead of one they had many beatings.

June Updates

Hi everyone,

getting use to mobile only posting on the blog. I’ve updated the publication history and collections tabs.

It includes 3 poems in the Fevers of the Mind poetry blog, a flash fiction in Sledgehammer Lit, and an interactive fiction flash on titled Notable Neighborhood Garbage. If it doesn’t run on mobile try desktop or vice versa, still experimenting with the medium/program.

I’ve put together a small collection of poetry titled Inside the Dripping Stain as well. These poems have the commonality of blood. If you’re interested the collection is available for download.

As always, thank you for reading. Hope you’re all doing well. 🙂

Re: Blog status

Been thinking about the last post and the decision to put the blog on hold.

Would I really let a minor inconvenience stop me? Breaks are fine but this blog was meant to be what it is, an outlet, a place to put the work.

It’ll take longer for me to post but that’s a minor issue. I’m thankful I’m able to post at all and I want to keep posting.

Thank you for sticking around.

Blog status

Hey everyone,

using an old PC and outdated browsers could only last for so long. WordPress on PC won’t allow me to post anymore(white screen). I’m typing to you from a phone.

Long story short, it looks like the blog’s on hold for now. These past few years have been great. I’ve really enjoyed updating the site. Thank you for sticking with me.

And hey, once I’ve updated a few things I don’t mind posting again. In the meantime I’ll focus on my writing. Twitter link is in my bio.

Not sure if I’ll pop up elsewhere but hey, you never know.

Thanks again.

Through the Kitchen

I thought that was you

Stomping through the kitchen

But that proved not to be true.

I do wish it were you

Stomping through the kitchen

If it were this poem might have been happier.

I’d have been happier

If only I could

Hear you again, see you again.


So you say things you don’t mean?

You mean them, just not for them

To come out so harshly.

People get scared

Because you’ve held down

So much for so long.

Then the words come out

Like fire from a dragon,

Scorching the land,

Destroying foundations,

Hurting others.

Every so often

You have to just

Let the steam off

So then when you

Open your mouth

You don’t hurt the ones who love you.

Rebirth Idea

What can you do once finding out

That your favorite writer died

The same year you were born

One dies so another can live

You feel a connection deep down

As if a person dissipated

And became a sort of breathe

Air you inhaled

Fresh from the womb

Is this a possible thing or an idea to consume?


You were there

So was I

I was falling

Into a pit of marbles

I couldn’t pull myself out

You were crying, reaching for me

Marbles got into my mouth

And they were suffocating

And you were still reaching for me

And I was reaching to you

I woke up crying, wondering, what did it mean?

That was a terrible dream.